New Mill centre is where the next three climbs can be found. Turn left onto the A635 after arriving in New Mill from Honley on the A616. Turn left to start this climb in just one hundred yards up the A635 Penistone Road, by turning left up the short but steep Sude Hill. The road levels off as you come to a fork in the road, take the right fork with the church on your left and continue along a flattish section before the climbing starts again. This is a narrow section but there is room for passing vehicles. The climbing involves parts that are around 10% and when at the three quarters of a mile mark, keep right at a fork in the road and follow the road past the houses and up to the main road where the Crossroads pub stands. I am not suggesting that you have a drink there!! Or am I? Another climb finished and I suggest you return to New Mill down this main road so you can see what the next climb has to offer you. Once you get back down the main crossroads in New Mill, just turn around and take on the No 30 climb.