Don’t be fooled by the average gradient!

Once again turn down Victoria Street and this time turn right between the pedestrian crossings onto Hollowgate but immediately turn left up an awkwardly angled but steep road passing a cafe on your left. (see picture) This could be described as similar to some of the foothill climbs of the Pyrenees, relatively long for around here at three miles long with some steep bits and long stretches of flattish stuff. But you are going to climb up to 1400 ft above sea level on some very exposed terrain. If there is a strong westerly wind it is going to scrub your speed off and make it a very tough climb especially the last mile. The only thing that might keep you going, if times are hard, is the spectacular views towards Holme Moss and of course you pass Coddy’s farm shop and cafe at about two miles so you know you can call in on the way back down!

To tackle this hill you have to take on Rotcher Road which is around 10%. After two hundred yards or so turn right onto Cemetery Road, which is on the left hand bend. Cemetery Road still keeps up the pressure until you reach the half mile mark where the gradient eases to 5%. Continue until you reach a “T” junction where you turn left up another section of 10% plus gradient. Again the road flattens out and you have about one mile of 5%-6% gradient where on a nice day it will set you up nicely to take on the last mile where the gradient ramps up gently to 8%. You will pass open fields before you reach a large plantation on your left and bleak moorland to your right. Continue through the left hand bend where eventually the road flattens out by the access road to Snailsden Reservoir and this is your finish point. Now time for a nice cup of tea at Coddy’s farm just a mile back down the road! Go on treat yourself to a cake as well!!