Wessenden Head Road can be found right in the middle of Meltham directly opposite the main B6108 road from Huddersfield. As I mentioned in the Holme Moss climb, some people think that is the “daddy of them all” and I said I didn’t share their thoughts and this climb is why. In my opinion this is a more difficult climb and much of that is due to its exposed position on this hillside. The wind can be absolutely devastating on your progress and morale. My friend, training partner and neighbour James Gill loves both this climb and Holme Moss, and he certainly thinks this is the harder of the two. He should know as he has climbed both of them more than one hundred times each in the last two years! He keeps telling me he needs help and I agree!! This is another example of a continental climb in that it just keeps on going up, relentlessly. Start by passing terrace housing and then semi detached houses before coming into wide open moorland, part of the Peak National Park, you will see the large “Millstone” announcing that fact. Keep pushing on up especially if the howling west wind is blowing. If you get chance take in the view that is “West Nab” hillside and isolated farm houses. When the road starts to sweep round to the left there is a cattle grid nicely placed to disrupt your rhythm. The road now starts to unwind and turn to the right. On your right the hillside closes in on you a little and then there is a lovely old stone with words painted on it saying “Cock Crowing Stone”, marvellous! The climb finishes where it is almost level on a slight left hand bend with the large chevrons on the right, 2.2 miles from the crossroads at the bottom. How did you find that for a climb, harder or easier than Holme Moss?